Monday, 1 November 2010

Victory lap

 Had a nice little victory lap surf this morning, even bust out the camera for a bit as the light was so good first thing, although it had diminished by the end of the session as you can see from the second shot. My theory that alot of this photography buisness is down to the kit in your hand was reinforced today as well. The first shot is taken on my 400d with a Canon 52mm f1.8 prime lens and to be fair i couldn't be happier with the clarity of the shot. Where as the second is still on the 400d but with my bottom of the range sigma 75-300mm and you can see for yourself the lower quality of the shot, someone buy me some new kit!!!

Anyhow, Jord was on top form this morning fresh off his high from scoring the highest heat total of the Inter clubs and bagging himself a new wettie from Tiki. Before paddling out I said to just go for it while I was shooting as it didn't matter if he fell for the purpose of getting a shot, so he went for it and only actually fell once or twice the whole session, me thinks someone has been holding back his surfing a bit.

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