Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Croyde this arvo

Post surf line up
Well I did say this morning i'd try a bit harder to get some shots and I think I suceeded. Got an awsome sequence of Mr.Reed but it's off to the Mags tomorrow so i'm saving them for another day. Got to keep you wanting more!

Lyndon, this is the last shot in the sequence, the next shot is from earlier that wave

Lyndon on a warper

Chocolate shake

Jord's bonce

A stoked Mr.Reed


  1. Great shots...makes the windsurfing ones seem a little tame. Did you get in for a surf ?

  2. Well done for beating CSC in the TIKI Inter Club. Good team from the Ho! Like going back 30 years with Curly and Tad etc. Keep up the good work.